Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan, and it offers a wide variety of employment opportunities. There are numerous private as well as government jobs available in Lahore, including both full-time and part-time roles. Apart from the traditional job postings, there are also internship opportunities that offer valuable work experience. Furthermore, cities like Rawalpindi in the vicinity of Lahore have a plethora of job openings that can be easily accessed with the help of online portals. Therefore, if you’re looking for employment or internship opportunities in Lahore or nearby areas such as Rawalpindi then you should definitely look into some of the job boards available online.

Which industry is famous in Lahore?

The economic system of Lahore has a different base spanning from telecommunication, information technology, manufacturing industry, engineering, pharmaceuticals, steel, chemicals and construction material.

Which places in Lahore attract the tourist?

Top 13 (thirteen) Best Places to Visit in Lahore

S. No.

Place to visit



Badshahi Mosque

Walled City of Lahore, Lahore.


Lahore Fort

Fort Road, Walled City of Lahore, Lahore.


The Emporium Mall

Abdul Haque Rd, adjacent to Lahore International Expo Centre, Trade Centre Commercial Area, Phase 2, Johar Town, Lahore.


Lahore Museum

The Mall, Mall Rd, Anarkali Bazaar, Lahore.


Minar e Pakistan


Food Street Lahore


Shalimar Bagh

Shalamar Chowk, GT Road, Shalimar Town, Lahore.


Lahore Zoo

Mall Rd, Jubilee Town, Lahore.


Anarkali Bazaar

Near Data Gunj Buksh Tehsil of Lahore.


Wagah Border

Near Grand Trunk Road, Lahore.


Masjid Wazir Khan

Shahi Guzargah? Dabbi Bazar, Chota Mufti Baqar Walled City of Lahore.


Jahangir’s Tomb

Circular Walk? Shahdara Town, Shahdara, Lahore.


Jinnah Park

Lawrence Road, Lahore.

Restaurants in Lahore

Delivery Available

1.      Pablo's

2.      Veera 5

3.      The Brasserie

4.      Salt'n Pepper

Outdoor Seating Available

5.      Pablo's

6.      Monal Lahore

7.      Andaaz Restaurant

8.      Haveli Restaurant

Browse Lahore by Food

1.      Cafe

2.      Pizza

3.      Chinese

4.      Steakhouse

5.      Barbecue

Fine Dining

1.      Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant

2.      Andaaz Restaurant

3.      Cafe Aylanto

4.      Spice Bazar

Local Cuisine

1.      Monal Lahore

2.      Andaaz Restaurant

3.      Haveli Restaurant

4.      Qabail Tribes

Moderately Priced

1.      Arcadian Cafe Packages Mall

2.      The Brasserie

3.      Qabail Tribes

4.      Haveli Restaurant


1.      Arcadian Cafe Packages Mall

2.      Monal Lahore

3.      Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant

4.      Salt'n Pepper


Cheap Eats

1.      Pablo's

2.      Veera 5

3.      Homemade Cuisine

4.      Lalafy Eatery

Top Restaurants in Lahore

1.      Arcadian Cafe Packages Mall

2.      Pablo's

3.      The Kitchen Bistro-Boulangerie-Patissrie

4.      Veera 5

5.      Monal Lahore

6.      Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant

7.      Andaaz Restaurant

8.      The Brasserie

9.      Qabail Tribes

10.  Cafe Zouk

11.  Haveli Restaurant

12.  Cafe Aylanto

13.  Salt'n Pepper

14.  Spice Bazar

15.  Cooco's Den

16.  Arcadian Cafe

17.  Options Restaurant Lahore

18.  Dynasty

19.  Taipan

20.  Fujiyama

21.  27. Freddy's cafe

22.  24. English Tea House

23.  Homemade Cuisine

24.  21. Kim's

What’s are top 10 highest paying jobs in Pakistan?

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan:

For the students wondering which job has the highest salary in Pakistan:

è Medical Professionals (Doctors & Surgeons)

è Data Scientist

è Machine Learning Experts

è Blockchain Developer

è Full Stack Software Developer

è Product Management

è Management Consultant

è Investment Banker

è Chartered Accountant

è Marketing Manager

List of Best Universities in Lahore 2023:

Ü  Lahore University of Management Sciences

Ü  University of Central Punjab

Ü  Virtual University of Pakistan

Ü  Forman Christian College

Ü  University of Management and Technology

Ü  University of Engineering and Technology Lahore

Ü  Superior University

Ü  Government College University Lahore

Ü  Minhaj University, Lahore

Ü  King Edward Medical University

Ü  National College of Arts

Ü  Hajvery University

Ü  University of Education

Ü  Kinnaird College For Women University

Ü  Lahore College for Women University

Ü  University of the Punjab

Ü  Information Technology University

Ü  Lahore Leads University

Ü  Beaconhouse National University

Ü  Lahore School of Economics

Ü  University of South Asia

Ü  Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

Ü  University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Ü  Lahore Garrison University

Ü  University of Lahore

Ü  University of Health Science Lahore

Ü  National College of Business Administration & Economics

Ü  The Pak-American Institute of Management Sciences (Pak-AIMS)

Ü  Global Institute

Ü  Imperial College of Business Studies

Ü  Qarshi University


Which is the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan?

Gaddafi Stadium, being the biggest cricket stadium in Pakistan, used to have capability of 65,250 spectators, till the redesigning of its enclosures decreased the capability to 27,000.

10 Top Software Houses in Lahore in 2023 (Updated) | Best Software Companies

1.      NETSOL Technologies Inc:

2.      Techlogix

3.      Conrad Labs

4.      Mindstorm Studios

5.      Config

6.      ABACUS

7.      Ubisoft

8.      TRG TECH

9.      TechAbout

1.  Q soft technologies