District and Session Court Jobs | Daily Jobs in Pakistan

The District and Session Courts are an essential part of the judicial system, responsible for handling both civil and criminal cases at the district level. These courts are crucial in delivering justice and resolving legal disputes within their respective jurisdictions.

What is District and Session Court of Pakistan?

The District and Session Court of Pakistan is a local judicial institution responsible for adjudicating civil and criminal cases within a specific district.

How many types of courts are there in Pakistan?

There are three types of courts in Pakistan: District and Session Courts, High Courts, and the Supreme Court.

How can I become a lawyer in Pakistan?

To become a lawyer in Pakistan, you must complete a law degree (LLB) from a recognized university, pass the bar examination conducted by the Pakistan Bar Council, and complete a mandatory apprenticeship with a practicing lawyer.

What is the difference between judge and magistrate in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, a judge presides over higher courts and has broader jurisdiction, while a magistrate oversees lower courts with limited powers in specific types of cases.