Cantonment Board Jobs | Daily Jobs in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a Cantonment Board is a local municipal body responsible for governing and managing the civil administration and civic services in designated cantonment areas. These areas are military zones where military personnel and their families reside. The Cantonment Board is tasked with providing essential services such as infrastructure development, water supply, sanitation, healthcare, education, and solid waste management to the residents living within the cantonment area.

How many Cantonment Boards are in Pakistan?

There are “56” Cantonment Boards are in Pakistan.

Which is the oldest cantonment of Pakistan?

“Sialkot” is the oldest cantonment of Pakistan.

What is military land and cantonment group?

Military Land and Cantonment Group (MLCG) is a Pakistan government department responsible for managing military land and overseeing the administration of cantonment areas in the country.

Which is the biggest Cantt in Pakistan?

“Kharian Cantonment” is the biggest Cantt in Pakistan.